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How can you get involved?

Organizations in each Northeast state are ready to connect you to the Farm to School movement. There are many ways to get involved in Farm to School in your community, and we can help you determine your next step. Actions can include:

Subscribing to your state’s and local network's email list
Volunteering with your local Farm to School program
Writing a letter to the editor
Calling your state legislator or school board
Sharing your stories and these videos with your school’s leadership
Inviting a farmer or a presenter to speak at your local PTO meeting or Grange Hall
Starting Farm to School programming in your community
Joining the National and/or your state’s Farm to School Network
Getting resources, technical assistance, and support from your state agency contacts


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Vermont FEED
Betsy Rosenbluth

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University of Connecticut Extension
Jiff Martin

Artboard 4.png

Healthy Communities of the Capital Area
Renee Page

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Farm Fresh Rhode Island
Stephanie Bush

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Broome Tioga BOCES Food Services & New York School Nutrition Association
Kate Dorr

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Massachusetts Farm to School Project
Simca Horwitz

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NH Farm to School
Stacey Purslow

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USDA Office of Community Food Systems - Northeast
Cheryl Fogerty


"We can really change the way students perceive a meal."

— Shari Staeb, East Hartford Public Schools Food Service Director

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